In Brisbane three food lovers from Tuscany are opening their home with a new idea of dinner gathering with friends and strangers.



We are not trying to replicate a restaurant experience. We want you to taste the
REAL TUSCANY DISHES, authentic and healthy food prepared by a trio from Florence and Livorno.

This will be more like coming to dinner at a friend’s house rather than a restaurant.
So if you like to do something different, book yourself a seat, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy the feast…

This is an authentic neighbourhood dining experience

How about Some Fun Facts about us?

Glasses broken
Burned dishes
Leftovers on the plates

La cucina è una bricconcella; spesso e volentieri fa disperare, ma dà anche piacere, perché quelle volte che riuscite o che avete superata una difficoltà, provate compiacimento e cantate vittoria.

— Pellegrino Artusi —

Our Philosophy

Food that tastes beautiful will take you on a journey to Tuscany. And it's all about sharing the experience at the table.

The Tuscany Supper Club runs just sometimes.

The idea is to give people the possibilities to enjoy good and authentic food cooked in the traditional way we do in Tuscany learned from our grandmothers.

Our guests sit around one table. We can seat up to ten people, so it is like a dinner party with friends.
If you are alone, this is a nice  occasion to meet new people while you eat! We are not a restaurant but a place where people meet, eat, converse and spend a happy evening.

If you and your friends want a  different idea for a birthday or any celebration, book a table and please tell us! We will be happy to create a menu for your special  evening.

Once your booking is confirmed with us we will send you a confirmation email with the exact location, start time and additional information will be emailed to you 5 days before the supper club.

Check out our Facebook page to be always up to date on last minute happenings!

The kitchen is a rascal; often feel disheartened, but also gives you pleasure, because those times that you can or that you have overcome a difficulty, you will feel complacency and sing victory.

— Pellegrino Artusi —

Our Team

A pinch of ideas and a lot of passion makes us unique in every sense.

Who are we anyway?

Meet us

What our Clients say

  • Thank you for a fantastic evening hoste by warm, friendly cooks. We enjoyed all the dishes, expecially the chicken with tomatoes/olives.We wish you all the best!

    — Natalie & James —
  • We were bought to dinner as an engagement surprise by good freinds. We have had such a wanderful time, the naked gnocchi (gnudi) was my favourite – just amazing! Thank you!

    — Kaili & Leroy —
  • Fantastic third time visit (says it all!). Love the new venue and, as always, you are fantastic hosts! Thank you for the beautiful taste of Tuscany.

    — Nathan & Anna —
  • What a wonderful evening of great food and meeting new and fabulous people. Thanks for a lovely night!

    — Jeremy —


If you want  to join one of our events you can follow us on our Facebook page or fill the enquiry form to book your presence!
We are just FOODLOVERS and we want our guest to taste VERY REAL ITALIAN FOOD!!! You’ll not find menu with fixed (and expensive) prices; but you’ll pay just a refund for our  expenses. Obvious further donation are welcome…
Sorry…You cannot! We are not a restaurant…Menu is fixed! you can check on our website to take a look at what you can expect.
If what is planned for dinner is not your preferred food you can have a look to the menu of other events in an another date and book it!
A glass of Bellini, made with seasoning fruit, is offered by us..
We suggest you to bring a good VINO, to match the menu served, red wine, white, sparkling… you decide!
However please feel free to bring whatever you want!
You can cancel your reservation but please let us know 48 hours in advance so we have enough time to invite other friends!
SURE YOU CAN! you will have the opportunity to meet other people and to exchange opinions enjoying the dinner!
You have to warn us in advance.. so we can accommodate our dishes to your needs!
No..sorry…we are very pet friendly but our cat will not be very enthusiastic to have other pet in her territory!
Please try not to…and in case let us know ASAP! Depending on your delay you can miss something because we cannot wait for you…

La cucina di un popolo è la sola, esatta testimonianza della sua civiltà
– The kitchen of a country is the only, exact proof of its civilization

— Anonymous —


We'd really love to hear from you so why not drop us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


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